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Arlington Heights Property Liability Lawyer

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If you have suffered an injury while visiting someone else's property, you will want to understand your legal options for addressing the damages you have experienced. An attorney with the necessary experience in matters related to premises liability and property liability law can help you determine your options for pursuing compensation in this situation. Your lawyer can provide you with guidance to ensure that you understand how the laws apply to your case, and they can advise you on the best steps to take to recover financial compensation that will address the injuries you have suffered.

The personal injury lawyers of Dickler, Kahn, Slowikowski & Zavell, Ltd. can provide the representation you need in property liability cases. We know what questions to ask, what evidence may be necessary, and which experts to speak with, and we will advocate on your behalf throughout your case. With our nuanced understanding of the legal system and our attention to detail, we have helped numerous injury victims seek justice, and we can provide you with the legal representation you need to secure the compensation you deserve.

Legal Help in Different Types of Premises Liability Cases

Cases involving injuries that take place when a person is visiting someone else's property can be complicated. It is important to understand that property owners have a duty of care to visitors. They have the legal obligation to take the appropriate measures to protect visitors' safety, including repairing defects, correcting hazards, or warning people about issues that could present a risk to their safety. If property owners fail to meet their duty of care, they may be liable for visitors' injuries.

We have experience representing injury victims in a wide range of premises liability and property liability cases. These include:

  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents - If walking surfaces on a property are not properly maintained, this can create dangerous conditions that lead to serious fall injuries. Slip and fall accidents may have occurred because the proper measures were not taken at stores or other locations to prevent wet floors or because spills were not cleaned up promptly. Trip and fall accidents may occur because of damaged floors, cracked sidewalks, potholes or other hazards in parking lots, or obstacles in a building's hallways or the aisles of a store.
  • Dog bite injuries - Dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets do not endanger other people. Illinois law states that a dog's owner or the person who is in control of a dog or other animal is liable for injuries inflicted by the animal against a person who was authorized to be in the place where the attack occurred, as long as the victim did not do anything to provoke the animal into biting or attacking them. That is, if a dog bites someone who has been invited to the owner's property or in a public location, the dog's owner will usually be liable for the victim's injuries, even if the dog had never attacked anyone previously or displayed aggressive tendencies.
  • Negligent security - When property owners or business owners do not take reasonable steps to protect the safety of visitors, such as by failing to provide adequate lighting or security personnel, this can leave people vulnerable to assaults and other injuries. In these cases, property owners may be liable for the damages suffered by a victim.
  • Elevator or escalator accidents - The owners of properties that are equipped with elevators and escalators have a duty to keep equipment properly maintained. If property owners fail to repair or replace defective equipment, this can lead to serious injuries, and the owner may be liable for a victim's damages.
  • Swimming pool injuries - Property owners who install swimming pools have a duty to ensure that they are properly maintained and protected. If property owners fail to provide safety features such as fencing, if public pools do not have properly trained lifeguards, or if guests are not warned about potential hazards or dangers, the property owner may be liable for any injuries that occur.

Contact Our Cook County Property Liability Attorneys

At Dickler, Kahn, Slowikowski & Zavell, Ltd., our skilled and experienced lawyers can provide the representation you need to recover compensation for injuries that took place on someone else's property, including a private home or a public location such as a store, restaurant, or mall. We will review your case and discuss the legal options available to you, and we will advocate for you to receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Contact us today at 847-593-5595 for a free consultation.

Our firm assists with premises liability cases throughout all of Illinois, as well as other states throughout the United States. We work with clients in McHenry County, Sangamon County, Will County, Kankakee County, Rock Island County, Champaign County, Winnebago County, DuPage County, St. Clair County, Cook County, Boone County, and Grundy County.

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