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At Dickler, Kahn, Slowikowski & Zavell, Ltd., our attorneys have extensive experience in multiple practice areas, and with our comprehensive knowledge of the laws that affect property owners, small and large businesses, injury victims, and people involved in legal disputes, we can provide the legal services needed to help them resolve their issues successfully. We provide legal help and representation in a wide variety of matters, including:

We welcome referrals in these matters from other legal professionals. We can provide representation for clients who have been referred to us. We can also work alongside other attorneys to provide assistance with a case and utilize our knowledge of specific legal issues or laws that may affect clients. With our experience litigating complex cases and helping our clients resolve legal disputes, we can ensure that a case will be handled correctly. By putting the interests of our clients first, we are ready to help them resolve matters quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Please contact us at 847-593-5595 to learn more about how we may be able to assist with a case or provide representation for clients with specific legal needs. We look forward to working with other legal professionals to ensure that clients will be able to resolve their cases successfully.

We can help address legal matters that affect real estate owners and investors, real estate developers, and other business owners. We provide representation for companies in multiple types of litigation, including cases involving mechanic's liens, collections, lien foreclosure, and other matters that affect businesses. We also provide legal help to clients who have suffered serious injuries or losses related to professional or legal malpractice. We work with clients throughout the state of Illinois, as well as nationally and internationally. Our firm provides assistance to people located in Chicago, Rockford, Arlington Heights, and other areas throughout the state, including DuPage County, Champaign County, Winnebago County, Kane County, Kankakee County, St. Clair County, Will County, Grundy County, Boone County, McHenry County, Rock Island County, and Sangamon County. We assist clients located in other states or countries.

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